Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.... I Think

Christmas came and went so fast that I'm not even sure it really happened. Almost like a dream. I fell asleep and before I knew it I was awake again with this vague memory of what had been dancing through my brain just moments before.

This Christmas in particular was very different for me and a little difficult. We normally go to see my family in Colorado over the holidays. Being that I don't get to see them very often throughout the year and Jason's family emphasizes Thanksgiving more, we have always made it a priority to be there for Christmas. Well, with our new home-ownership and new-found adult-hood {that's a lot of hyphens in one sentence} we decided we wouldn't be able to afford to go home for Christmas. I was okay with it in theory until Christmas Eve came around and it hit me like a ton of bricks that I would be missing out on all of our family traditions and that I wouldn't be able to spend this time with some of the people I love most in life. I struggled to say the least through our Christmas eve service at church. I tried not to draw attention to the tears that streamed down my face.

Christmas morning came quickly and with the busyness of getting ready for service I didn't really notice the ache in my heart. We had so many plans for the day and I had so much to get done. Having Christmas dinner at our house meant a lot of preparation to keep me busy. I did get to spend some time talking with my family via video chat which meant so much to me. Being able to see my nephews and nieces all so excited to show off their presents and sing me a song or do a little dance. It was wonderful to feel that for just an hour I was with them and everything was as it should be.

I'm not complaining, I know it sounds really depressing to say the least. I missed my family very much, but looking back at the day I can see really how wonderful it was. Jason and I made some new traditions, we shared Christmas with his family {which we've never been able to do}, and we hosted everyone in our brand new home. It was exciting and fun and we made some really good memories:

Jason and I cooked a turkey! A turkey! And it was awesome and soo good! It was so fun to spend time with him in our brand new kitchen, asking each other what the heck we were doing and wondering what in the world that part of the turkey was? And if we were supposed to remove it or not?:) 
Wrapping presents just to open them a few hours later on the random Wednesday night before Christmas... just because we could:) 
Jason getting up early Christmas morning to make me sausage bread so that I felt more at home.
Singing carols at church and having no clue what the words were or how to play the song at all:)
Watching the kids do a Bible scavenger hunt.
Watching the best Christmas movie ever.... A Christmas Story! {You'll shoot your eye out!}

It was a really hard Christmas to be away from my family but looking at it now I am glad that we had the chance to make some memories in our own home, memories that will last forever and maybe some new traditions that will too. 


  1. Ok,so I'm crying again! Can't wait to see you in two weeks!!! Love you! :)

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your new life as Mrs.! Sometimes, it's really hard to "leave & cleave". You have a wonderful attitude about it though. We missed you so much!