Friday, September 23, 2011


So as of late I've not only decided that I should blog but that I should start learning how to cook. Not just cooking but enjoying to cook. If any of you know me very well this is somewhat of a stretch for me. I'm sure my sister is jumping up and down in excitement as she reads this {she's been trying to "teach" me for years}.

Well, I've been trying to put forth more effort. Do a little experimenting, look up a few easy recipes.
And, well, I think I like it!

I know what you're all thinking... that's great! But is it any good? Well according to the hubby it's all been pretty decent. {And this is coming from the self proclaimed chef}.  

It's all been pretty easy stuff. Muffins, cookies, different dinner ideas that are actually homemade and not "assembled". Something my Mom says she's an expert in. I actually went to the extent of trying chocolate souffle's for our small group. We won't mention what they looked like but they sure tasted yummy! 

I think I've found a new hobby and I'm rather excited to get in to it more:) Any recipes I should try??

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